BAC Upgrades

The BAC has purchased an I Pad for credit card purchases at the gallery using the Square that clicks into the I Pad and only requires the docents to slide the card and then having the purchaser sign with their finger on the pad!  Easy Peasy!

The other news is we now have a phone number to call the gallery for hours, information, or directions on what to do to reach key board members.  This will enable visitors to connect with the BAC.

The number to contact the BAC   231-622-2073

Earlier Than the Bird Event

unnamedThe BAC participated in a holiday happening in Boyne City on Saturday, before Thanksgiving for early shoppers.  Those coming to downtown from 7am to 11 am in pj’s were treated to special events and food at participating stores.  Mr & Mrs Tullar helped gallery director, Jackie Wollenberg welcome visitors and serve up treats.  Two lucky winners from our drawing at the BAC won paintings donated by Val Ash and Su Bishop.  Be sure to visit our gallery during your holiday shopping excursions for great gift ideas!

Latest BAC Activities

The BAC will once again participate in the “Earlier Than The Bird”  pre-holiday event in Boyne City Saturday, November 18th from 7am -11am.  The gallery will feature items priced at $25 or less and a painting donated by Val Ash will be given away to a lucky raffle winner.  Refreshments will be served. Shoppers are encouraged to come in their pj’s to area businesses and have fun kicking off the coming holiday season.

The BAC board would also like to thank Boyne City Hall for allowing the annual meeting to be held in their facility.  We appreciated being able to rent such a great venue for our members.

Also noteworthy, a wreath will be purchased from the Boyne City Garden Club to hang on our gallery door.  New lettering will be added to the door glass to identify our location besides the street sign.

In support of community activities, Joe Abdella will donate one of his paintings to the fund raiser auction being held by Great Lakes Energy .

Halloween candy donated by member artists was given to Trick or Treaters along with area businesses with a great turnout to our gallery.  Many adults accompanying the kids came inside to take a look at our art display.  We continue in our effort to be a presence in our community.

2018 Boyne Business Expo

The Boyne Arts Collective will again participate in the Business Expo held at Boyne Mt. on Thursday, November 2nd.  from 3-7 pm.  Our purpose will be to encourage membership in our organization by associating with other businesses and public attending the event.


Todd Warner

Todd Warner

The BAC held its annual meeting in the upper level of the new city hall in Boyne City. The room overlooked Lake Charlevoix including a terrace for members to enjoy.  A social hour preceded the meeting and music was provided by Gaeyle Gerrie-Boss who played the harp.  Added to the board for the coming year are Joe Abdella, Sue Mettzger, and Jay Higdon.  June Storm, outgoing president, reviewed the year’s accomplishments and the guest artist, Todd Warner , local sculptor from Charlevoix, provided a demo in clay of a camel with personality.  The board looks forward to the new year for the BAC and it is our hope that more of our members will join a committee and participate in their collective.


The recent art camp held at Park in the Pines in Boyne City organized by Su Bishop and June Storm was a very profitable fundraiser bringing in $1,234.  Next year, ladies?


The BAC will be participating in the Sidewalk Sales Friday and Saturday, August 11th and 12th.  We’ll have art work under the white canopy for $25 or less.  Join us and take a look at the gallery if you haven’t been there in a while, lots to see and many new artists are displayed in the gallery as well as Cafe Sante , Local Flavor, and Water Street Inn.

Its not to late to join fellow artists at Park in the Pines August 14th-17th for 3 nights and 4 days of art in a beautiful setting on Lake Charlevoix with accommodations for overnight and meals included.  The $150 fee is another fundraiser to support our collective.  There will be demos, goody bags for participants, and prizes as well.  Call Su Bishop for further information at 248-933-1277.

SAVE THESE DATES!    Artist members are invited to the gallery for a gathering of fellow artists to enjoy a glass of wine and conversation on Wednesday, August 23rd,  starting at  5 pm.

The BAC  ANNUAL MEETING is planned for OCTOBER 19 th, location to be announced.





The BAC board thanks all of our member artists participating in the “Petite Art Sale” held as a fundraiser for the gallery in May and June.  The sale from donations by artists generated more than $500.  Those participating were:  Val Ash, Su Bishop, Elaine Case, Lynne Carson, Ward Collins, Martha Coscina, Elaine Dettman, Linda Egan, Judy Feldkamp, Winnie and Bill Johnston, Teresa McGill, Marty Mathers, Joyce Newville, Robert Scudder, Judy Shiotlis, P. Spang, June Storm, Diane Strzelinski, Helen Truchan, Julie Wellman, Jackie and Bob Wollenberg.  Your participation and generosity to support the BAC is appreciated!  Thank you.


Also, a request was made to help provide any art supplies for work being done with young girls aged 8-14 years for emotional healing and therapy from human trafficking.   The organization is called Streetlight USA Girls.  If you can help with any art supplies please call Chris Fall Knight 231-675-5290 for arrangements to  pick up supplies you my donate.


Coming Events for the BAC

Window Dressing

Window Dressing


The Boyne Arts Collective has planned a fundraiser “Spring Petite Art Sale” at the gallery for May and June.  It showcases mini paintings donated by member artists priced at $20 or less.  Proceeds will be used to support our non-profit collective with ongoing expenses.


Also, the BAC will be participating in an area-wide art project sponsored by Bay Harbor and the Charlevoix Humane Society.  This fundraiser will involve painting an adirondack chair.  Glen and Cindy McCune will represent the gallery.  Proceeds will go to the Charlevoix Humane Society.



Three new artists appearing in the New Review will be on display at the gallery.  Linda Egan has several watercolor paintings.  Handmade woodwork is featured by Austin Newton, and handmade pottery by the late Mr. Drebboll is shown.  Come see the diverse representation of art at the BAC.  We are growing and becoming known by visitors to our area as well as residents that have “found” us.



February Board Mtg Highlights

At the February 2 nd BAC board meeting, a discussion was held on our need to expand our footprint in Boyne City.  A plan will be put in place over the next few months to consider grant writing, seek sponsorship for summer events from businesses in the city, and hold a membership drive.  Our association with the Chamber of Commerce has allowed us to reach a wide audience for free, so this relationship is important to our  plan for growth.  Val Ash and Joe Abdella will report back to the board with their findings for strategic planning ahead.  Val reported our collective will be included in Michigan Art Guide popular with visitors to our state in its next issue.

Reminder:  Save those Familly Fare receipts and turn them into the gallery for a cash award of $1,000 to the BAC once we have collected $ 150,000 receipts.  Its an easy way to help our non-profit thrive.

Chocolate Covered Boyne Event

During the weekend of February 10th and 11th, the BAC gallery will participate in a community-wide event called “Chocolate Covered Boyne” to celebrate Valentines Day.  More than 40 businesses in downtown Boyne City will join in.  The BAC will offer chocolate kisses , with some of them marked on the bottom  enabling the recipient who visits the gallery to claim a prize. Our member artists have donated notecards to be given away to the winners.  Additionally, red snowflakes in the gallery mark items that are $25 or less.  Stop in to share in the excitement!

Artists in our BAC Gallery

Carol Ross "Reflected Dots" Oil $65

Carol Ross
“Reflected Dots” Oil


Cindy Kujawski “Harbor Light” Oil $475

BAC Holiday Rock Winners!

This past week the BAC announced the winners of the Holiday Rock event held during December as a community-wide promotion to get to know us.  Almost all 55 rocks were found despite the challenge of lots of snow! There were many favorable comments about the event. Fran Erber is shown with her winning rock and Matthew Arny is shown with our president, June Storm. The Arny family worked together to find the rocks and loved the artwork on them.dscn3975dscn3988

Direct Dollars Program

An email was sent to our membership regarding a program from the Spartan grocery chain that offers cash to our organization for receipts that are collected from grocery purchases.  The link to how the program works explains it.  Be sure to check out this option to see how you can make a difference to support our efforts  to generate income for our collective.  Thanks!spartannash-direct-your-dollars spartannash-direct-your-dollars

Keeping You Informed: BAC Board Mtg. Dec

The BAC board sent a thank you to Chris Fall Knight for her beautifully painted “Christmas Rocks” that will be given away during our December promotion to involve a community -wide search for rocks that will lead to the gallery.  They are on display there until Dec. 19th when the drawing will take place.

In other news:  Sales of art work continues as visitors seek us out. Membership has also increased .  The Boyne Magazine,  to be published in the spring, will feature a paid ad about the gallery as will our inclusion in the Boyne City High School booster brochure for the winter sports and theatre events.

Lastly, it was decided that due to confusion about membership designation, the “family” status will be eliminated as of April 1st on the BAC application to join our collective.


The year 2016 has been a year of growth for the Boyne Arts Collective.  Not only seeing our small space in a new location  filled with new artists work, but a membership increase and continued support for our organization.  The new year brings hope for more community awareness of who we are, but let’s look back on the great year we’ve had:

“Boyne Meets Bob” Fundraiser A Success

Gallery Opens in new Location

Ribbon Cutting with New Signage

Friday Evening Stroll The Streets

SOBO Arts Festival participation

Artists Wine Social at the Gallery

Annual Meeting with Guest Speakers

Halloween at the BAC Gallery

Boyne Business Expo Booth

“Earlier Than The Bird” Holiday Event

December Painted Rock Promotion for Community

The BAC board hopes our membership will continue to get involved with our activities that it plans, including the 10th anniversary celebration of our collective in 2017.  Join Us!


dscn3968The BAC is planning a promotion during the month of December for our community and visitors to connect with the gallery and see what we offer.  In preparation, docents working at the gallery have been painting small rocks with funny faces that will be hidden around the downtown Boyne City area in places high enough that snow won’t bury them.  They will have a number on the back of each rock.  The local newspapers will publicize the event with photos so families know what to look for.  Once a rock is found, the rock must be brought to the gallery so that person’s name can be entered into a drawing for two beautifully painted larger holiday themed rocks.  The finder can keep the little rock that was found. We hope kids, parents, and grandparents will participate in this fun chance to play detective.







Chris Fall Knight , BAC artist member, donated her time to create the 2 large holiday painted rocks for the promotion.  We appreciate our members contributions to help our community get to know us.

Newspapers Highlight BAC Artists

June Storm was recently featured in a lengthy article in the Gaylord Herald Times .  The reporter came to her home and interviewed her, taking photos of several of her paintings which appeared in the paper.


Also, Crooked Tree Arts Center announced the “Painters Reunite” exhibit taking place in December in the Petoskey  News Review and had BAC member Karen Kimmel’s painting, “Patchwork”  featured in the article.

Congratulations to our artists for being recognized for their work.


Thanks to the generosity of several of our member artists, once again, the BAC gallery was able to participate in the Saturday community shopping event.  The gallery was made festive by curator, Jackie Wollenberg and holiday helpers.  It is important that we give special thanks to June Storm for donating a painting for the 11 am drawing, Dirk Martin for offering his postcards for sale, Dawn Caine for supplying essential and practical items for our gallery bathroom, Judy Hunt giving 6 canvases to the gallery, and the always supportive Tullars, Maxine and Harry,  for the sweater ornaments on hand made hangars!  Thank you all for your support of the BAC!

Halloween Fun at the Gallery

Trick or Treaters that came to the BAC gallery  were met by two ofimage1image2 our members that gave out candy donated by our artist members.   A big thank you for those that contributed bags of candy for our participation in this event.  We appreciate this kind of support from our membership that helps keep our gallery involved with community activities.