dscn3968The BAC is planning a promotion during the month of December for our community and visitors to connect with the gallery and see what we offer.  In preparation, docents working at the gallery have been painting small rocks with funny faces that will be hidden around the downtown Boyne City area in places high enough that snow won’t bury them.  They will have a number on the back of each rock.  The local newspapers will publicize the event with photos so families know what to look for.  Once a rock is found, the rock must be brought to the gallery so that person’s name can be entered into a drawing for two beautifully painted larger holiday themed rocks.  The finder can keep the little rock that was found. We hope kids, parents, and grandparents will participate in this fun chance to play detective.







Chris Fall Knight , BAC artist member, donated her time to create the 2 large holiday painted rocks for the promotion.  We appreciate our members contributions to help our community get to know us.