At the February 2 nd BAC board meeting, a discussion was held on our need to expand our footprint in Boyne City.  A plan will be put in place over the next few months to consider grant writing, seek sponsorship for summer events from businesses in the city, and hold a membership drive.  Our association with the Chamber of Commerce has allowed us to reach a wide audience for free, so this relationship is important to our  plan for growth.  Val Ash and Joe Abdella will report back to the board with their findings for strategic planning ahead.  Val reported our collective will be included in Michigan Art Guide popular with visitors to our state in its next issue.

Reminder:  Save those Familly Fare receipts and turn them into the gallery for a cash award of $1,000 to the BAC once we have collected $ 150,000 receipts.  Its an easy way to help our non-profit thrive.